Link collection

Here we refer you to other projects, videos, podcasts, twitter feeds, blogs etc where others have contributed to communicating about the climate, the science about it, and what we can do about the issues threatening our civilisation. In (parentheses) we indicate the main language of the link shared.

Websites (EN) – The Fridays for Future movement that was started by Greta Thunberg in front of the Swedish parliament and inspired the inception of Researchers’ Desk. (EN) – Scientists for Future as their scientific counterpart. (EN, multi) – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Chance (IPCC) official website covers all their current and previous reports, data, and news. (multi) – The European Environmental Agency publishes the science, data, policy briefings, including several indicators on key environmental statistics across the Union. (EN) – Stockholm Resilience Centre, research institute on resilience and sustainability. (EN) – Stockholm Environment Institute, environmental research and policy advisory institution. – (EN, DE) – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) based near Berlin, Germany has resources on the climate including reports, policy advice papers, and software. (EN, multi) – debunking the climate myths communicated by so-called “climate critics.” (EN) – summary of climate change causes and remedies. (EN) – Independent climate news organisation. (EN) – UK-based specialist climate change journalism. (EN, FR, ES, DE) – A Brussels-based non-profit tracking the influence activities of businesses on European regulation and policy with a focus on Climate. (EN) – A US-based non-profit organisation of journalists and scientists reporting on climate science, impact, and solutions. (EN) – Matthew Stilwell’s page on climate change issues covering topics such as climate justice, energy, food, including several videos. (multi) – The volunteers at Climate Cardinals translate IPCC and other important climate documents into important non-English languages. (SV) – Swedish environmental and sustainability news site. (EN) – A civil disobedience movement launched by scientists who leaked the latest IPCC report before governments reviewed and edited it. (SV) – Swedish public broadcaster SVT with counters on the present state of the climate (frequently updated).

Videos and channels (EN) – Dave Borlace’s great channel on the science on climate change and potential solutions. Make sure to watch his ‘Just have another think‘ series. (EN) – Carbon Brief’s channel with many interviews and explanatory videos. (EN) – Comedian Rollie Williams’ channel with informative yet funny videos exploring climate change, its origins, and originators. (EN) – Deutsche Welle’s channel on our Planet A and solutions to the environmental issues and the climate crises. (SV) – Swedish national television SVT’s series on the effects of climate change on the world and on Sweden. See more of their climate and environment videos.

Breaking Boundaries (imdb) (EN) – ‘Breaking Boundaries.’ Netflix documentary featuring David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, and Johan Rockström etc, on how our global society is overstepping Earth’s planetary boundaries.

Don’t Look Up (imdb) (EN) – Don’t look Up. Netflix original movie about Science denial, using an asteroid analogy for showing how climate change is currently treated in media and society.

Podcasts (EN) – ‘The climate question’ by the BBC. (EN) – ‘For what it’s Earth’ – An environment, climate, and sustainability podcast, hosted by Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins. (EN) – ‘How to save a planet’ podcast on how to tackle the climate crisis, hosted by journalist Alex Blumberg. (EN) – ‘The Climate Pod’ – weekly conversations on environmental and climate issues, hosted by the brothers Brock and Ty Benefiel. (SV) – Sveriges Radio “Vetenskapsradion Klotet” radio program series on the environment and the climate. (SV) – Climate change podcast by Ragnhild Larsson of Konvoj Produktion with some episodes in English.

Feeds and blogs – follow all twitter posts tagged with #climatechange . (EN) – Articles by The Conversation, a UK-based science news website, on the topic of climate.

Apps and software (EN) – App using the arguments from for informing conversations. (EN) – Map tool allowing you to explore the effects of sear-level rise on all regions of the world. – En-ROADS is a science-based climate simulation tool that allows for testing different climate solutions and potential future scenarios. (EN) – a project using remote satellite imaging to trace environmental damage and climate change with maps charting the impact of human activities on the planet. (SV, EN) – Panorama, a simulation tool for exploring the effects of Swedish policy options for climate mitigation on climate targets; from the Swedish Climate Policy Council, Environmental Protection Agency, and Energy Agency, based on ClimateOS by ClimateView.