Approximately ten members of the Researchers' Desk gathered for a photo during a climate demonstration in Stockholm. The majority of them were donned in blue T-shirts.

Researchers Desk

A non-profit organisation and platform for dialogue between researchers and civil society, educators and decision-makers regarding the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis.

We started Researchers' Desk in response to the call made by the young people of the world who said "listen to the scientists." Our goal is to spread knowledge to the public about the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis. Researchers' Desk brings together researchers and other experts from Sweden and abroad. Our researchers have specialist knowledge about climate and other sustainability-related issues. With an emphasis on mutual trust and respect, we aim to present the latest research on climate change and its serious consequences in an accessible and clear way.


Most of our researchers work at major Swedish universities. Their expertise spans multiple disciplines within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. By engaging with experts from beyond academia, our researchers are empowered with the transdisciplinary perspective that is vital for taking on the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis.

Reseachers' Desk member, Iain Pitcairn, collecting samples for research on the climate of the past.
We are not just scientists. We are also ordinary people. Many of us have children, and we are deeply concerned about climate change. And our concerns are based on science.
Alasdair Skelton, Professor of Geochemistry and Petrology and Chairperson of Researchers’ Desk


Recorded lectures and speeches, reports, recommended links as well as reading material with lots of expert knowledge about climate and biodiversity.


This treasure box of knowledge about climate and biodiversity contains over 100 lectures in which expertise is shared in an accessible and clear way.


Reports written by our members communicating expert knowledge about climate and biodiversity to target audiences.


Some reflections on climate and biodiversity in English or Swedish and shared by our members.