Our researchers and experts


Aaron Tuckey

CEMUS and Stockholm Resilience Center. Social Science and Transformation to liveable future. System dynamics.

Alasdair Skelton

Professor of geochemistry and petrology. Director of Bolin Center at Stockholm University.
Read more about Alasdair Skelton’s activities at Researcher’s Desk. Watch video from FFF Global school strike 24th May 2019 with Alasdair: https://youtu.be/gxQet6LKeV0
And his Zoom talk on Immediacy: https://youtu.be/v72lwWaPXvI

Alf Hornborg

Antropolog och professor i humanekologi vid Lunds universitet.

Amanda Wood

Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, focusing on connecting research and practice to improve the health and sustainability of Nordic food systems. Watch Amanda’s Street Lecture for Fridays For Future outside the Swedish Parliament: https://youtu.be/BOaCaQ3z4v8

Andrew Ringsmuth

Postdoctoral researcher, developing mathematical and computational models of multiscale dynamics and interaction in social-ecological systems.

Anders Gullberg

Sociolog och teknikhistoriker med framtidsinriktning. Engagerad i transportsektorns klimatomställning och digitaliseringens hot och möjligheter. Docent och tidigare adjungerad professor. Anknuten till KTH och LTU.

Åsa Kasimir

Fil.Dr. Åsa Kasimir Klemedtsson, Inst. för Geovetenskaper
vid Tellusplattformen, Göteborgs Universite,  Researcher, Climate Change, Land Use, Drained Wetlands. Watch Åsa’s Zoom lecture on peatlands: https://youtu.be/Vr0N_WgapWw

Bengt Gunnar (Bege) Jonsson

Professor in Biology at Mid Sweden University, focusing on forest biodiversity and the role of forests for climate mitigation. In particular interested in landscape level issues and how planning can take into account a broad range of ecosystem services.

Bo Franzén

Associate professor at Karolinska Institutet, biochemist and Life Science consultant – with a broad interest in health and the environment linked to the climate. Research experiences from biotoxicology, air pollution, lung cancer, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, molecular pharmacology, biomarker discovery and advanced data analysis.

Caroline Greiser

Researcher at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences at Stockholm University studying climate change impacts on forest biodiversity with a focus on microclimate. Background in landscape ecology, peatlands and palaeoecology.

Céline Heuze

Docent in climatology and a physical oceanographer fascinated by the global deep water masses.At the department of Earth Science GBG University.

Chris Vrettos

Stockholm Resilience Center, social, political and environmental sustainability, using art and activism to create change.

Christoffer Söderlund Kanarp

Environmental communication, Critical Discourse Analysis, structuration theory, communication theory, Climate Change and international politics.

Daniel Lindvall

Doktor i sociologi, var huvudsekreterare för 2014 års Demokratiutredning. Daniel höll en mycket uppskattad Zoom-föreläsning om ett kapitel ur boken “Upphettning – Demokrati i klimatkrisens tid” som han var medförfattare till, se här: https://youtu.be/Rv96gE4pv9w

Dorien Tecla Beeres

Researcher in Public Health Epidemiology and Intervention Evaluation at the Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet.
Interested in the well-being of current and future generations (human and non-human). Her work is guided by the question: Are we being good Ancestors?

Christophe Sturm

Christophe Sturm

SMHI:s klimatscenariotjänst

Statistisk analys av historiskt klimat (från 1850 till nu)


  • Granskning och presentation av IPCC AR6-WG1-rapporter
  • Regional klimatmodellering
  • Homogenisering av observationsdata
  • Paleoklimatologi / stabila vattenisotoper som klimatproxy

Daniela Guasconi

PhD student – studies carbon sequestration grasslands, its interactions with climate and the effects on biodiversity.

David Collste

A Marie Curie PhD Fellow studying integrated modeling for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda as part of the EU-funded ‘Adaptation to a New Economic Reality’ project.

David Armstrong McKay

An Earth system scientist researching biosphere-climate feedbacks and tipping points in the past, present, and future, and is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene project at Stockholm Resilience Centre. He also blogs about climate tipping points and feedbacks at: www.climatetippingpoints.info.

David Fopp

Senior lecturer, Stockholm University, youth studies. Global societal transformation/movements; relation between social economic and ecological sustainability; arts/drama education as didactics for citizenship/sustainability education.

Douglas Nilsson

Associate Professor, with a broad interest in atmospheric environmental science, climate and earth-system science, my main focus is on sources of aerosol particles.

Elin Röös

Lektor på institutionen för energi och teknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. Forskar om klimatpåverkan och annan miljöpåverkan från livsmedelsproduktion.

Erik Huss

Geograf, glaciolog och journalist. Kommunikatör och konsult inom hållbarhetsfrågor. Se Eriks Onsdagslunch föreläsning om våra smältande glaciärer på Zoom våren 2021 här : https://youtu.be/9Ofnn7_hZHA

Och här IRL på Mynttorget: https://youtu.be/188iAHtd-Wc

Erik Pihl

is Science Officer at the Sweden Hub of Future Earth, based at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Erik is an environmental engineer with a doctoral degree in Energy Technology. His research has been focused on decarbonizing the energy system. Watch Eriks presentation of Future Earths 10 -points here: https://youtu.be/kkITQSTRMvQ

 Elina Eriksson

Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction with a specialization in Sustainability at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her research is action-oriented and strives to support energy transitions. She also conducts research on how to integrate sustainability in computing education.

Ester Gubi

Doctoral student at the department of Global Public Health at Karolinska Institutet, with a background in sociology and medicine. Phd-project in migration and psychiatric care utilization among children and youth. Interested in theories of social change, activism, global inequalities, and the interconnections between planetary and human health.

Fernando Jaramillo

holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography from Stockholm University with a focus on hydrology and freshwater resources. Aim to understand historical and future impacts of both climate change and land- & water use on freshwater availability.

Flora Hajdu

Docent | Associate Professor
Ämnesansvarig för forskningsämnet ‘Landsbygdsutveckling, inriktning globala syd’
Subject Responsible for research subject ‘Rural Development in the Global South’ Watch Floras wednesday Zoom-lunch lecture on forestry here: https://youtu.be/ow0_EWCdX9M

Fredrick Schenck 

Climate researcher at the Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University. Millennial climate variability, ocean-atmospheric dynamics. Specific research topics are extreme climate states and rapid climate shifts in response to Gulfstream instabilities, heatwaves and storminess. Watch Freddies RD Wednesday Lunch talk on the process of the slowing down of the Gulf Stream here: https://youtu.be/whhseIDomo8

Garry Peterson

Professor, head of subject in sustainability science, and co-leader of the research stream Resilience for Transformation at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. 

Also see: regimeshifts.org and ‘Seeds of a Good Anthropocene’ goodanthropocenes.net. Watch Garrys RD wednesday Zoom talk where he introduces us to IPBES: https://youtu.be/Y3SBK_4oAAQ

Glenn Bark

Glenn Bark, senior lecturer in ore geology at Luleå University of Technology. My background is in trace element distribution (primarily gold) in the Earth’s crust, trying to understand the geological large-scale processes that move metals around over geological time. However, the past few years my research has focused more on climate mitigation, and I now study the mineralogy and geochemistry related to geological storage of CO2 (carbon capture and storage, CCS).

Hans Landeström

Leg. Psykolog och Leg. Psykoterapeut.
Engagerad som klimatpsykolog. Lyssna till vad Hans hade att säga om hur vi bäst kan hantera vår klimatångest här: https://youtu.be/jskPAvZ2GYc

Helen Fischer

Postdoctoral researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre funded by a research fellowship from the German research foundation (DFG) working with human understanding of complex and non-linear systems.

Henrik Lagerlund

Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at Stockholm University. I work on the history of our philosophical conception of nature, skepticism and on the philosophy of food.

Isak Stoddard, forskare och medlem i Researcher's desk

Isak Stoddard

Doktorand i naturresurser och hållbar utveckling med inriktning mot klimat och energi-omställningar vid Uppsala universitet, Affilierad till CEMUS. Isak är också medlem i Club of Rome. Listen to Isaks RD Wednesday lunch lecture on Carbon Budgets here: https://youtu.be/1GOqPyqmaz0

Isak Svensson

Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala His three main areas of expertise are 1) international mediation 2) religion and conflict and 3) nonviolent conflicts. Watch this recording of when FFF’s Iris Elmér met up with him: https://youtu.be/KshoSzL1fic

Jamila Haider

Post doctoral researcher, Jamila Haider studies how development interventions can improve human well-being in food systems without eroding biological and cultural diversity.

Jeanette Eggers

My research focuses on how to manage forests sustainably for the provision of multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Jennifer Hinton

PhD candidate whose work focuses on the effects of different business structures on global sustainability challenges such as pollution, resource use, and inequality. Watch Jennifers talk with Katherine Trebeck about new economic models here: https://youtu.be/njsR0m5aUlQ

Julia Kukulies

Currently works at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg. Julia does research in Atmospheric Science, Climatology and Remote Sensing.

Julia Muchowski


Kevin Noone

Professor of Chemical Meteorology at the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry. Watch Kevins talk with Johan Rockström May 2021 at RD Wednesday Lunch lecture here: https://youtu.be/FD2r3U8o0MI

And here IRL at Mynttorget: https://youtu.be/phRVdpiLf5w

Karin Gerhardt

Senior researcher at the Swedish Centre for Biodiversity, at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The role of heritage cereals in creating a more resilient food production system, https://youtu.be/qZp8LxFrNIg

Kimberly Nicholas

Climate change, sustainable land use, farming systems, Sustainable Development Goal tradeoffs, climate adaptation, large scale land acquisitions, education, science communication and more. Watch Kimberlys talk with Professor Alasdair Skelton on her important book “Under the sky we make” here: https://youtu.be/kNt5rDxeIfA

Kjell Prytz

Docent i fysik vid Mälardalens Universitet. Beforskar och debatterar den svenska skogsindustrins och biobränslens roll i klimatkrisen, se t.ex: https://www.aktuellhallbarhet.se/alla-nyheter/debatt/svensk-klimatpolitik-ar-kontraproduktiv/

Linda Engström

Fil Dr i landsbygdsutveckling, SLU, senior policyrådgivare, global miljö- och jordbrukspolitik, utvecklingspolicy, markrättigheter och naturresursförvaltning, trädplantering som klimatkompensation.

Lina Grundtman Isacs

Ecological economist. Her PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a critical study of the ideas behind monetary valuation of nature. She is interested in how theories about value from neoclassical economics and ecological economics translate into research practice and environmental policy.

Lina Lundström

Fil. Dr. and senior lecturer in children and youth studies/pedagogy at Stockholm University. Her research focuses on youths’ perspectives on a sustainable school environment such as the importance of friendship. She uses a cultural sociological perspective which understands actions, thoughts and morals as a part of an established culture where local and societal power relations are central.

Lisa Dellmuth

Lisa Dellmuth is a Professor in International Relations at Stockholm University. Her research focuses on aid, legitimacy, and climate change adaptation in global governance.

Magnuz Engardt

Research meteorologist, SMHI. Magnuz does research in Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and Meteorology. Watch Magnuz RD Wednesday lunch talk on previously good political decisions for environmental health here: https://youtu.be/T9zHjAksYxA

Maria Johansson

PhD vegetation ecologist, specialized in fire management, tropical land-use and carbon offsetting.  Läs mer här:
Watch Marias RD Wednesday Zoom talk on why Climate Compensation is Not a solution to the climate crisis here: https://youtu.be/d19nMNrsYtk

Maria Wolrath Söderberg

PhD i retorik. Forskar om hur människor resonerar i klimatfrågor Just nu i ett projekt som handlar om hur man kan förstå trögheten i klimatomställningen och om vad det är som påvekar människor att faktiskt förändra beteende. Se RDs föreläsning om Klimatkommunikation med Maria, Johan Rockström, Björna Wiman, Per-Espen Stoknes och Tina-Marie Qwiberg här : https://youtu.be/ZtopfI5KPx4

Martin Benson

PhD Candidate in Philosophy, SUNY Stony Brook. Enlightenment concepts of individuality and nature and their influence in contemporary social and economic theory.

Martin Hedberg

Meteorologist, facilitator, special interest in communication, systems and scenarios. https://youtu.be/uikWaluuP5o

Writer of the book Extremt Väder (Extreme Weather). weather.se

Se Martins Onsdags Lunch föreläsningar här : https://youtu.be/TS_bp0lgMOY
Och Street Lecture från FFFs globala skolstrejk 24/5-219 här: https://youtu.be/uAKedyOcGM4

Martin Hultman

Associate professor in science-, technology- and environmental studies at Chalmers University of Technology. Research leader of Centre for Studies of Climate Change Denial (CEFORCED) as well as PI of projects analyzing masculinities of energy, ecopreneurship and Rights of Nature. Watch Martins RD Wednesday Zoom talk on Ecological Masculinities here: https://youtu.be/_2lPvMc1gTk

Matthias Schwartz

Postdoctoral researcher of the Department of Meteorology of Stockholm University (MISU)Studies aerosol-cloud-climate-interactions in high-resolution climate models.

Mats Björk

Professor of Marine Plant Physiology at DEEP,  leads the Seagrass Ecology & Physiology Research Group. The group´s main research focus is on the function of marine plant communities in tropical and temperate regions.

Mike Jones

Advisor (Ecosystem Management), Swedish Biodiversity Center. I am a generalist who teaches systems thinking for sustainable development at SLU and UU to undergrad, postgrad and PhD students. I have over 40 years of experience in the fields as an applied ecologist working in protected area management and community conservation in southern and eastern Africa and the US.

Miriam Huitric

Researcher and involved in education as director of studies for Bachelor and Master’s level courses, as well as other trainings run at the SRC. Watch Miriams Street Lecture for the FFF School strikers here : https://youtu.be/H5IuQfZU7yM

My Sellberg

Researcher focusing on transformations to sustainable and resilient food systems, and how to apply resilience thinking in societal and environmental planning, from local to regional levels.

Niak Sian Koh

PhD candidate researching policy tools for balancing development with the conservation of biodiversity and social equity.

Niclas Hällström

Founder of CEMUS, now with Whats Next working with climate justice, equity and fair shares as well as sustainable technology.
Läs mer om Niclas Hällströms engagemang i Researcher’s Desk här.
Watch Niclas RD Wednesday Zoom talks on Net Zero: https://youtu.be/iee8FEwwCOY
Fossil non treaty here: https://youtu.be/ayMzkLBvTAU

Nina Von Uexkull

Assistant Professor
Department of Peace and Conflict Research Uppsala University. Watch Ninas talk on the possibilities of increased conflict with Climate Crisis here: https://youtu.be/QZhQ-9hhtVc

Ola Kalén

SMHI:s expertgrupp för stigande havsnivåer samt arbetar med att hantera och analysera data från fasta mätplattformar och expeditioner. Se Olas RD Onsdagslunch föreläsningar om hur det är att vara klimatforskare och klimataktivist här : https://youtu.be/zdsbfPyrRa0
On Sea Level Rise here: https://youtu.be/c0EOxLc5h1M

Owen Gaffney

Owen Gaffney is a global sustainability analyst and writer and head of media at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Paul Glantz

Associate Professor, with a focus on climate change in Northern Europe and Arctic. Läs mer om varför Paul engagerar sig i RD här.
Se Pauls RD Onsdags Föreläsning om
hur mycket uppvärmning aerosolerna maskerar här: https://youtu.be/42UhbjY0Kjk

Paula Richter

Specialist Psychologist in Klimatpsykologerna, activist, Director of Studies for specialising psychologists, Founder of Psychologists for a Sustainable Future. ”Can we tackle the climate emergency if we don’t dare to tackle our emotions about it?” Se Paulas föreläsning om klimatpsykologi här: https://youtu.be/IKhErwWqimw

Pelle Boberg

M.Sci. miljövetenskap. Arbetar med klimatfrågor på Naturvårdsverket, bl.a. projektlett senaste uppdateringen (2016) av myndighetens klimatvetenskapliga bok ”En varmare värld” (författare: C. Bernes), för gratis nedladdning här: https://www.naturvardsverket.se/978-91-620-1300-4/

Peter Stenvinkel

Peter Stenvinkel

Professor in Nephrology at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden interested in Biomimetics and Planetary Health. Se Peters RD Onsdagslunch föreläsning om Biomimetik – planetens hälsa = vår hälsa, här: https://youtu.be/D6necBFpKhA

Raymond Pierrehumbert

Professor of Physics, University of Oxford
Watch Raymonds important talk to RD Researchers on Solar GeoEngineering here:

Romina Martin

Researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre, models social-ecological interactions to better understand and support regional freshwater management.
Läs mer om Romina Martins engagemang i Researcher’s Desk här.

Roxana Cremer

PhD student, research in the life cycle and impact of aerosols both indoors and outdoors. https://youtu.be/6e6vXTO9IiM

Sabine Undorf

Post Doctor at SU, departement of Meteorology.
Earth’s climate during the instrumental past and in the future. In particular aerosols and interdisciplinary approaches combining climate science with impact studies.

Sasha Quahe

Sasha has worked as research assistant for SRC supporting multiple projects. She contributed to the course content of SRC’s Executive Programme in Resilience Thinking, specializing in science-based targets.

Sebastian Kirppu

är en skogsbiolog som jobbat med att inventera naturskogar och deras biologiska mångfald samt utföra naturvärdesbedömningar av skyddsvärda skogar i nästan 25 år. Årets Miljöhjälte (WWF år 2011), Sommarpratare (“Lyssnarnas val” år 2014), fick Silverfalken av Naturskyddsföreningen (2016) och Sture Centerwalls pris av Kungliga vetenskapsakademin (2018) för sitt engagemang för biologisk mångfald i skogen.

Shervin Shahnavaz

PhD, Lecturer,  Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist 

Vice – Chairman at Council for Environment and Sustainable development, at Karolinska Institutet, Department of Clinical Neuroscience. He is interested of  relation between climate change in relation to mental health, organisational psychology and communication.

Sofia Valeria Cortes Calderon

Research interests include social-ecological conflict resolution at science-policy interfaces, and through the use of adaptive management and transdisciplinary approach.

Sofia Oreland

Doctoral student in global Christianity and interreligious studies, department of Theology, Uppsala University. Currently working on a project about the role of faith in Christian climate activism, in Sweden and South Africa. 

Somya Joshi

Head of unit, governance and institutions at SEI, focuses on decision making, stakeholder engagement, technology and process innovation. Affiliate (docent) at Stockholm University.

Sophie Haslett

Postdoctoral Researcher, interested in the composition and climate impacts of atmospheric aerosols and the effects of poor air quality.

Stig-Olof Holm

Lektor i miljö- och Geovetenskap vid Umeå Universitet. Se Stig- Olofs RD Onsdagsföreläsning om “Kommer skogen räcka till för allt?” här: https://youtu.be/0Z48jHXgExw

Svante Bodin

My prime interest is the interrelation between science and policy in climate change and
other global and regional environmental issues like air pollution and marine environment.
I have been head of the research department at SMHI and head of the climate change
division at the Ministry of Environment in Sweden. In that capacity I have been Swedish head of delegation to IPCC (including organizing its first assessment meeting in 1990), the LRTAP Convention, the Montreal protocol and marine environment conventions as well as negotiator at UNFCCC.
I am also docent at Stockholm University since 1980. Since 2010 I have been working with an international NGO, ICCI- International Climate Cryosphere Initiative, but also teaching at the SU and other places.

Svetlana Gross

PhD Student at the Department of Management and Organisation, Stockholm School of Economics. Focusing on the issues of sustainable finance from the perspective of sustainability transitions.

Taís González

MSc candidate interested understanding of social dynamics and relationships that shape the primary use of natural resources.

Tessa Bold

Associate Professor after having originally joined the IIES as Assistant Professor. She was previously Professor of Development Economics at University of Frankfurt and holds a DPhil in Economics from Oxford University.

Thomas Dahlgren

Marine biologist with expertise deep-sea and Antarctic biodiversity. Interested in how we can monitor anthropogenic stressors in the sea. Senior Scientist at Norwegian Research Centre NORCE and Associate Professor at University of Gothenburg. Swedish representative in the CCAMLR science committee. Se Thomas föreläsning om (gruvnäring i ) djuphavet här : https://youtu.be/zSqZhvlfl_c

Thomas Hahn

är forskare och lärare i ekologisk ekonomi på Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Thomas Tydén

Thomas är forskare som specialiserat sig på förutsättningar för att öka nyttiggörande av forskningsresultat. Hur skapa kreativa möten mellan personer som har olika kunskap? Vilka hinder finns det mm?

Docent i pedagogik vid Uppsala universitet och adj professor em. i pedagogik vid Örebro Universitet

Tim Daw

PhD at Stockholm Resilience Center, studies the interaction between ecological and social aspects of coastal systems and how these contribute to human wellbeing and development. https://youtu.be/3MPQMx21fGs

Valentina Nakic

Chalmers, Doctoral student at the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics. Watch the meeting between FFF’s Iris Elmér and Valentina here. A talk on Shame, guilt and inclusive actions : https://youtu.be/3Hc5MUSHxLk

Wim Carton

Associate Senior Lecturer – Lund University.
Main areas are negative emissions, carbon removal, carbon offsetting, afforestation.

Örjan Gustafsson

Professor, research in how human activities affect natural processes, that drive the major biogeochemical cycles that ultimately govern the composition of the environment.