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We moved our Street Lectures online to open digital ZOOM lectures as of March 2020.

  • Always open for everyone
  • Always with interactive discussions and Q&As
  • Always Wednesdays, 12:00-13:00 CET (unless there is a special guest from a different time zone).

Join our weekly ZOOM Meeting: | Meeting ID: 663 985 6178

When the Covid-19 restrictions permit us, we are IRL supporting the young school strikers outside the Swedish parliament, at your workplaces, on the streets, at dinner parties, in schools etc. The researchers and experts of our network give a street lecture and stay for dialogue, Q&As and discussions.

The climate issue is a complex story which requires to be tackled from many angles so that we will not go for the quick-fix solutions that may pop up and lead to double-sized problems elsewhere. Therefore, Researchers’ Desk topics (and language) vary, but are always presented by those who know them best – the researchers in that particular field. Write to us if you would like to be invited to hold a short lecture followed by some time for conversation and discussion with the audience.

Watch our latest videos:

Frederik Schenk on how extreme weather events can be attributed to climate change as a cause.
Photographer Björn Persson on why facts on climate are not enough.
Niko Froitzheim on peaceful civil disobedience by academics.
The journalist Lisa Röstlund presents her recently published book Skogslandet (Forest land).
Somya Joshu reflects on Stockholm+50 and SEI’s report “Unlocking a Better Future.”
Alf Hornborg on Technology as a transformation of slavery.
Naghmeh Nasiritousi on the latest IPCC WGIII report.
Birger Schlaug on why things turned out the way they are rather than the way they should have.
Stefan Grönkvist on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).
Glenn Bark on ore deposits.
Frédéric Hache on Understanding Biodiversity Offsetting.
Ina Maria Shikongo & Nicolás Eliades – “Undisturbed, under paradise (Part 2).
Ina Maria Shikongo & Nicolás Eliades – “Undisturbed, under paradise (Part 1).
Bengt Gunnar Jonsson on the links between our forests and the climate crisis. Moderated by Sebastian Kirppu.
Frank Biermann on reasons for why solar geo engineering is no solution to the climate crisis.
Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson and Sebastian Kirppu discuss the best way to use the forest for biggest climate benefit
Frank Bierman and Niclas Hällström on the dangers of Solar Geoengineering
Lisa Schipper, lead author of Ch. 18 of the most recent IPCC report, presents the reports main findings, its context, and the process by which it has been created.
Anitra Nelson on an economy beyond money and her book on the subject (moderated by Jennifer Hinton).
Björn Oliviusson on aquaponic farming and its ability to supply sustainably grown food.
Leonard Stockfelt about air pollution and its health consequences (in Swedish).
Magnus Nilsson reviewing the European Union’s ‘Fit for 55’ framework.

David Fopp on Analyzing the roots of the climate crisis and organizing the way out of it – beyond the concept of “human needs within planetary boundaries

RD Hot Potato sessions on the article “The Tragedy of Climate Change Science” with authors Bruce Glavovic, Iain White, and Tim Smith on ESGs, Finance, greenwash etc. Svetlana Gross moderating.

Sasja Beslik, on ESG’s, Finance, greenwash etc. Svetlana Gross moderating.

Hydrology assistant professor Fernando Jaramillo on Fresh Water Resources.

Jonas Roupé about End Ecocide.

Richard Heinberg on his empowering book POWER, moderated by Svetlana Gross.

David Coomes, Cambridge and Stig- Olof Holm, SLU on “Nature Based Solutions” and Swedish Forestry.

Vad erbjuder den svenska novemberskogen för gott? Lisen Sundgren och Ola Schubert tar oss med på kulinarisk skogstur.

Davis Collste, SRC, gives a street lecture about System Thinking.

COP26 from 4 different angles. Meet Nicklas Adamsson, Jennifer Newall, Niclas Hällström, and Alasdair Skelton.

30 years! Why haven’t we bent the curve yet? A discussion between researchers on what’s preventing action. Isak Stoddard, Kevin Anderson, Martin Hultman, Niclas Hällström, Peter Newell, Claire Hoolohan, and Clive Spash.

Part 2: “Can we find hope in new economic models and ideas?” with Lina Isacs, KTH & Jennifer Hinton, Stockholm University, moderated by Svetalana Gross, Stockholm School of Economics.

Part 1: Can hope be found in new economic ideas? This exclusive conversation between five forward thinking representants of new economic models makes us think so.

David Ramsden, Crystal clear about climate- and ecological crisis.

Karin Gerhardt, SLU – om hur klimatförändringarna påverkar biologiska mångfalden, och hur störningar i den biologiska mångfalden påverkar klimatförändringarna.

Ola Kalén, SMHI, om vad nyaste IPCC AR6 säger om havsnivåhöjningarna.

Maria Wolrath-Söderberg lektor i Retorik vid Södertörns högskola. Hur ska vi tala om klimatet?

Kevin Noone gives a talk to and with young schools trikers outside the Swedish parliament.

Erik Huss, glaciologist, a talk to young school strikers about the cryosphere.

Roxana Cremer about Black Carbon /soot. A talk to and with young school strikers outside the Swedish parliament.

Christophe Sturm, SMHI, explains the new IPCC Ar6 report.

Christophe Sturm, SMHI, shows us how we can use the NASA, IPCC interactive atlas.

Paula Richter, klimatpsykolog och aktivist. “Can we tackle the climate emergency if we don’t dare to tackle our emotions about it?”

Johan Rockström and Kevin Noone and the mixed audience dicuss how to act on Climate Change and biodiversity loss.

Paul Glantz on how aerosols mask a greater warming.

Kimberly Nicholas and Alasdair Skelton on the book “Under the sky we make”.
Under the sky we make. A talk between Kimberly Nicholas and Alasdair Skelton

Här nedan kan ni se några av föreläsningar som vi spelat in under 2019 – 2021.

Katherine Trebeck and Jennifer Hinton, thank you for letting us in on Wellbeing Economy!

Maria Niemi, Karolinska Institutet, on a recent study of what effects on the quality of life and reductions on greenhouse gas emissions during Corona Lockdown.

Andreas Magnusson, ung klimataktivist om vuxenmobbing.

A talk by Thomas Dahlgren, Marine, GU on” Who lives in the Deep Sea and why do we need to know that?” Mixed Swedish and English.

Erik Huss berättar om varför vi behöver våra glaciärer.

Researchers Desk session with Kebne Think Tank’s Johan Rockström. Anna, Ingrid och Sara ställer frågor till forskarna.

Professor Alasdair Skelton on Climate Change.

Invited lecturer Charlie Gardener,University of Kent, “What role of Scientists in a time of planetary crisis.

Frederik Schenk : Is the Golf Stream slowing down? And what could that mean?

An attempt by geologist Alasdair Skelton to mediate the need for immediate climate action.

Ett passionerat samtal om skogen, som religion, magi, saga och mysterium med David Thurfjell och Björne Larson.

Tina Nyfors from University of Helsinki tells us about her research on ECOLOGICAL SUFFICIENCY.

Kort svar från “Ram” , Prof Uni CA, på frågan om Albedo Hacking – Geoengineering the stratosphere.

Erik Pihl om Future Earth’s 10 punkter.

Bo Becker från Handelshögskolan, påverka investeringsbeslut.

Biomimetik med Peter Stenvinkel.

Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert, Oxford University on Geoengineering.

Flora Hajdu 20/1-21 on Carbon Forestry.

Ola Kalén, 27/1-21 on Sea Level Rise.

Important lecture by amazing Ramanthan Veerabhadran, moderated by Sophia Axelsson. Stay for the discussions that followed!

En föreläsning för en klass 8. Januari 2020 med Alasdair Skelton och Jenny Soep illustrerade.

Den 1/9-2020 bjöd vi in några grymma klimatkommunikatörer att tala för forskarna i RD. Välkommen till ett viktigt samtal om klimatkommunikation med Johan Rockström, Per Espen Stoknes, Tina Marie Qwiberg, Björn Wiman och Maria Wolrath Söderberg. Martin Hedberg modererar.

Duncan Mc Laren from Lancaster University on Net Zero Targets and Mitigation Deterrence.

Invited for todays lunch talk was Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory.

Niclas Hällström berättar om FossilNedrustingsavtalet,

Jakob Trollbäck, designer of the Agenda 2030 Global Goals, talks to FFF at Mynttorget.

Niclas Hällström om “Netto 0” – ett begrepp man talar mycket om, men vad betyder det egentligen?

Stig Olof Holm, lektor vid instutitionen för miljö- och geovetenskap vid Umeå Universitet talar om “Skogen och Klimatet”.

Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, University of Iceland talks about the “Well being Economy”.

When FFF took to digital school strike due to Corona restrictions we came along. Tim Daw and Beatrice Crona from Stockholm Resilience Centre shares their research.

Hans Landeström, Hur man behåller hälsan genom klimatengagemang.

Dana Skelly US Fire Management advisor about the forest fires in California.

For FFF, Miriam Huitric giving a talk on Our healthy choices on food.

Dr. Lan Wang on water cycles and rainforests.

FFF street lecture with Amanda Wood on what we can eat within planetary boundaries.

Maria Johansson om Om Klimatkompensation.

Martin Hedberg, om nya paradigm.

Magnus Nilsson, om vad vi behöver veta om hur klimatpolitiken fungerar.

Nina von Uexkull, om fred och konflikt i klimatkrisens spår.

Alasdair Skelton.

My Sellberg från Stockholm Resilience Centre, om hur vi kan så små frön av hopp.

Daniel Lindvall tar oss snabbt genom ett kapitel ur boken Upphettning.

Isak Stoddard, om sin nyligen publicerade artikel om klodioxid budgetar.

Martin Hultman, om vilka krafter som håller tillbaka klimatomställningen.

Garry Peterson, förklarar IPBES rapporten.

Sebastian Kirppu med hjärtat i skogen, där det hör hemma.

Söderbokhandeln Hansson & Bruce 14 februari, 2020. Researcher Valentina Nakic talks about shame, guilt and the need for inclusive visions to transform society with Iris Elmér from Fridays For Future.

Gamla Stan 8 februari, 2020. Isak Svensson, professor i freds och konfliktforskning vid Uppsala Universitet, samtalar med Iris Elmér från Fridays For Future om kopplingen mellan klimat, konflikter och protester.

Mynttorget 14 juni 2019: Meteorolog Martin Hedberg (med illustrationer ritade på baksidan av en tapet).

Kungsträdgården 24 maj 2019: Professor Alasdair Skelton – “Klimatmekanismerna”.

Kungsträdgården 24 maj 2019: Professor Kristinn Vala Ragnarsdottir – “Resistance”.