Not to mention all the Zoom Lectures we’ve given since Corona broke out.

Debunking myths around Net-zero and climate offsets

Conversations in connection with an Researches Desk lecture sparked collective writing by 23 RD affiliated experts and scientists of one of the most impactful op-eds debunking the myths of net-zero targets and offsets. The article was first published in Sweden at DN Debatt (4 Dec 20020) and then internationally through a translated version at Climate Home News (11 Dec 2020) with further endorsements by an additional 18 international scientists. The article was spread widely and for a long time the most read feature at Climate Home News. It has clearly helped shape the discourse around this important topic. Similar views were for example recently voiced by a former IPCC chair in a widely acclaimed article in The Conversation.

Countering the Scopex solar geoengineering project set for Kiruna, Northern Sweden

After unexpected announcement of geo-engineering research plans for Sweden by a Harvard research group in December 2020, Researchers Desk provided a “Hot potato session” for its members to get informed by international and Swedish scientists about this controversial issue. This lay the ground for synchronised actions and numerous media appearances by Swedish and international scientists (see for example SvD,  Aktuellt, and Klotet) and also direct engagement with the Swedish Space Corporation. Members of Researchers Desk also played key roles in interactions with and mobilisation of civil society as well as the Saami indiengeous people. After combined, concerted pressure by these different stakeholder groups, the Swedish Space Corporation announced on 31 March 2021 that it would cancel the flight.  

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