SOLAR GEOENGINEERING: Warnings from Scientists, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, and Climate Activists

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

11 am – 1:30 EDT /  5 pm – 6:30 pm CET

Facebook Live

Event Overview

Once relegated to the fringe of the climate debate, ideas to use solar geoengineering to mask rising temperatures are receiving increasing attention from some scientists, governments, and the media. Catchy headlines about silver bullet fixes often downplay the real and profound risks that such technologies pose — including potentially devastating harm to ecosystems, increased droughts and extreme weather events, and the disruption of food production for millions of people around the world. These impacts would affect all of us, but would fall most heavily on Indigenous peoples and communities in the Global South. The illusion of a technological quick fix could also delay real climate solutions, putting both present and future generations at risk.

On June 9th, leading scientists, Indigenous leaders, youth and climate activists discuss the growing risks and unequal impacts of solar geoengineering and explore how climate action is possible without dangerous technological fixes. 

Speakers include: Michael Mann, Raymond Pierrehumbert, and Jennie Stephens. Along with leading voices from movements, Indigenous peoples and the Global South: Tom Goldtooth, Naomi Klein, Åsa Larsson Blind, Bill McKibben, Vandana Shiva, and Greta Thunberg. 

The event is organized by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), The ETC Group, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Indigenous Environmental Network, Saami Council, WhatNext?, in collaboration with the Hands Off Mother Earth! (HOME) Campaign, the Swedish Stop Scopex Network, and Researchers Desk.
The event will be hosted via Facebook Live. To connect your organization’s page to the livestream, please contact Cate Bonacini at the Center for International Environmental Law or Laura Dunn at The ETC Group.

Zoom Lunch with Johan Rockström

A personal talk with Johan Rockström, Friday the 28/5-21. Welcome to join!

Topic: Lunch med Rockström
Time: May 28, 2021 12:00 Stockholm

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Happy 2 year birthday to @Researchers Desk!

A lot has happened since some of us realised we should get all those bold researchers to talk to people outside university and in a respectful and pedagogic way about the direness of CC and biodiversity loss.

Thank you all researchers for joining, for your courage to say it like it is, stepping out of your comfort zones to talk to people out on the streets, in schools, at Zoom and elsewhere. Let’s hope this year we’ll be let into some new spaces.

What a Treasure Chest of knowledge RD has become since then!

Thank you Fridays For Future Greta Thunberg #Climatestrike #FFFture, for your support and letting us hang with you on your Global Strikes, and learn from each other at Mynttorget. You bring us hope with your guts, intelligence and clever actions!

This is us from 24/5 2019 to 24/5 2021

May 24 2019: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the Fridays For Future Greta Thunberg #Climatestrike #FFF Global Climate Strike at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answer questions from the general public. RD held 8 Street Lectures. Many thanks to the first 10 researchers present.

June 14: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at outside the Swedish Parliament, Stockholm. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answer questions from the general public.

June 17 – August 19: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at Sergels torg, Stockholm every Monday between 11:30 and 13:30. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answer questions from the general public.

August 31: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the Climate Festival at Vinterviken, Stockholm. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answers questions from the general public. Thank you Cecilia Holm for organising that super event!

September 6 – December 20: Researchers Desk coordinated street lectures by climate scientists outside the Swedish parliament every Friday. The purpose of these lectures was to provide school strikers with more knowledge about climate.

September 12-13: Researchers desk coordinated school lectures was held for 1250 high school students at ABF House in Stockholm, together with Edit Liedberg and Iris Elmér and Karin Ester Jacobson

September 17: Researchers Desk coordinated together with FFF a school lecture was held for 300 high school students at Värmdö High School in Stockholm. Go Edit Liedberg!

September 20: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the @FFF Global Climate Strike at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answer questions from the general public. RD was present with 18 researchers.

September 23-24: Researchers Desk coordinated school lectures at Täby Enskilda High School in Stockholm.

September 27: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the @FFF Global Climate Strike at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. Its purpose was for climate researchers to talk to and answer questions from the general public. Researchers Desk, present in the demonstration as well with our desk and 32 researchers

October 3: Researchers Desk was represented at the Gordon Goodman Memorial Lecture at the Royal Swedish Academy Agriculture.

October 5-6: Researchers Desk coordinated lectures at the @PUSH conference on Väddö near Stockholm.

October 22: Researchers Desk held a presentation for Stockholm Resilience Centre.

November 12: Researchers Desk coordinated a school lecture at Estetiska High School in Stockholm.

November 26: Researchers Desk coordinated a lecture for Färnebo folkhögskola in Gävle.

November 28: Researchers Desk coordinated a school lecture at Viktor Rydberg Secondary School in Djursholm.

November 29: ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the FFF Global Climate Strikes in Norrtälje, Uppsala and Gothenburg.

November 30: Researchers Desk coordinated a lecture for the network KlimatSverige

December 2: A ”Researchers Desk” was present at Finland Institute. The event was attended by Princess Victoria of Sweden and @Isabella Lövin Environment minister of Sweden.

December 3 : Researchers Desk at Södra Latin with Paul Glantz to discuss climate with students and teachers.

December 6: A ”Researchers Desk” was set up at the FFF Global Climate Strikes in Rinkeby, a suburb of Stockholm. Researchers Desk present with 7 researchers in the demonstration and with our desk


10/1: Aaron Tuckey x2 Street lecture, Mynttorget and Sagerska
17/1: Paul Glantz x2 Street Lecture, Mynttorget and Sagerska
24/1: Niclas Hällström x2 Street Lecture Mynttorget & Sagerska
27/1: Alasdair Skelton at Västbergaskolan. A talk for the teachers and staff. Lecture for parents and pupils cancelled due to Corona.
31/1: Hans Landeström, Street Lecture Mynttorget
7/2: Isak Svensson x2 Street Lecture Mynttorget and Sagerska
14/2: FFF Global March Medborgarplatsen, RD present with 10 researchers
21/2: Kali Andersson, Climate Psychologist, Street Lecture, Mynttorget
28/2: Jamila Haider x 2 Street Lecture Mynttorget and Sagerska on the importance of seeds
6/3: Roxana Cremer x 2 Street Lecture FFF Mynttorget and Sagerska
13/3: Maria Johansson Street Lecture FFF Mynttorget on Climate Compensation

Zoom Lectures Due to Corona. Thank you Iris Elmér and Martin Hedberg for your excellent moderating (miss you Very much!)

18/3: Martin Hedberg on Extreme weather patterns in the tracks of CC, moderated by Iris Elmér
20/3: Alasdair Skelton, on this is CC and what causes it
25/3: Tim Daw, on Fishery impacts
1/4: Somya Joshi on CC policies and governance
3/4: Maria Johansson, why Climate Compensation doesn’t work
8/4: Niclas Hällström, Fair shares 10/4: My Sellberg, Romina Martin and Paul Glantz discuss CC
15/4: Mathias Lindahl, Kan konsumtionen bli klimatneutral?
17/4: Paul Glantz, CC in the Arctic
22/4: Ola Kalén, Can one mix the role of researcher and activist?
24/4: My Sellberg, Small seeds of a positive future
29/4: Hans Landeström, Activism and psychological health
1/ 5: Alexander Crawford and Jennifer Hinton discuss economy and CC
6/5: Neil Powell,
8/5: Martin Hultman, Ecological Masculinities
13/5: Magnus Nilsson, EU politics on CC
15/5: Daniel Lindwall, Going through a chapter of his book “Upphettning”
20/5: Sebastian Kirppu, Damaging Swedish forestry practices
22/5 Garry Peterson, Explaining IPBES
27/5: Nina von Uexkull, Peace and conflict in the tracks of CC
29/5: Isak Stoddard, Carbon budgets
3/6: Martin Hedberg
5/6: Alasdair Skelton
10/6: My Schüldt, Thinking Environments
12/6: Amanda Wood: Future food
17/6: Tina-Marie Qwiberg, Documentary films
24/6: Åsa Kasimir, Carbon Storage in forests and peatland
26/6: Pella Thiel, End Ecocide

1/9: Climate Communication #1 : Johan Rockström, Per Espen Stoknes, Björn Wiman, Tina-Marie Qwiberg & Maria Wolrath Söderberg / Climate communication

11/9 Mynttorget, Street : Freddie Schenk / “A new synthesis of Earth’s Climate Sensitivity and why we are running out of time”
16/9: Dana Skelly, California fires

18/9 Mynttorget Street / Alasdair Skelton, Climate compensation

19/9 Kulturhuset : Isak Stoddard, Alasdair Skelton, Elin Röös, Jennifer Hinton/ Carbon budgets, Future food production, New economics and Climate compensation

25/9 FFF Global Street/ City hall : Miriam Huitric / Paul, Magnuz, Martin, Caroline, Maria & David 7/10 : Maria Johansson / Klimatkompensation – Fungerar det?
9/10 Mynttorget Street : Jojo Mehta / End Ecocide
14/10: Dr Lan Wang / “What is the role of the water cycle for rainforest resilience?”
16/10 Mynttorget Street : Amanda Wood / Why food is such a big part of the environmental crisis and what we can do to fix our food systems.
21/10: Amanda Wood / Can we feed a future population of 10 billion a healthy diet within the planetary boundaries?
23/10 Mynttorget Street : Jakob Trollbäck / Hur tänker jag kring symboler och kommunikation
28/10: Vala Ragnarsdottir / “Crafting the regenerative economy for wellbeing of people and planet”
30/10 Mynttorget Street : Henrik Lagerlund / Matens filosofi
4/11 : Hans Landeström
6/11 Mynttorget Street : Tim Daw & Beatrice Crona

10/11 : Hot Potato – Biofuel vs. Fossil fuel with Stig-Olof Holm. A talk within the network to learn from each other

11/11 : Stig-Olof Holm / Vårt svenska skogsbruk

17/11: Climate Communication #2, Jytte Guteland, Jakob Trollbäck, Kimberly Nicholas and Björne Larsson

18/11: Niclas Hällström on “Net 0” 20/11: Ola Kalén, FFF
20/11: Alasdair Skelton, Cinema Zita, premiere of Greta the movie
20/11 Zita Cinema : Alasdair /Greta the movie première
22/11 Bio Roy Cinema : Martin Hultman och Ola Kalén / cancelled due to corona restrictions
25/11: Cinema Kapsylen: Erik Huss / Cancelled due to Corona
25/11: Caroline Greiser, interactive talk on forest microclimate
27/11: Alasdair Skelton, FFF
2/12: Pascoe Sabido, Fossil Lobbyism in the EU
4/12: Isak Stoddard, FFF

Networking, discussions and lectures within RD led to the writing of a very appreciated article by 23 RD researchers on myths about Net Zero targets and Climate Compensation. The article later got translated and signed by another 18 researchers.

9/12: Niclas Hällström, Fossil Non Treaty
16/12: Duncan Mc Laren
6/1: Per Ribbing, Electrify everything with solar
13/1: Ramanathan Veerabhadran, moderated by Sophia Axelsson FFF
20/1: Flora Hajdu, Carbon Forestry
27/1: Ola Kalén, Sea level rise
3/2: Peter Stenvinkel, Biomimetic

3/2: Hot Potato: Raymond Pierrehumbert, Albedo hacking, A talk within the network to learn from each other
This resulted in articles, meetings with politicians and finally the halting of the very controversial experiment “Albedo hacking”

10/2: Bo Becker, Can our investments influence a green new deal?
17/2: Erik Pihl, Future Earths 10 points
24/2: Tina Nyfors, Ecological Sufficiency
3/3: A talk about the forest, David Thurfjell and Björne Larsson
10/3: Alasdair Skelton on Immediacy
17/3: Frederik Schenk, Gulf stream slow down
19/3: Charlie Gardener, what role for researchers in CC

19/3: FFF Global Digital Action day. RD sent postcards with your quotes to politicians

31/3: Erik Huss, why we must take care of the glaciers
14/4: Thomas Dahlgren, Why we must understand life in the deep ocean
17/4: Alasdair giving a lecture to PUSH
21/4: We Hope to get: Andreas FFF, how does it feel being young and aware of CC
28/4: Maria Niemi Ki, What did we really need, lessons from a year of Corona
⅗ : RD at Lund Hållbarhetsvecka med Alasdair, Stig Olof, Maria Johansson och Karin
5/5: Katherine Trebeck, moderated by Jennifer Hinton, WellBeing Economy
12/5: Kimberly Nicholas talks with Alasdair about her book “Under the sky we make”
19/5: Paul Glantz, the warming in northern Europe

Today Researchers desk consists of 76 researchers and experts ready to spread awareness on the Climate change and biodiversity loss. We believe everyone can contribute and take an important part of the solution – and that everyone is needed! Join us this Friday for a personal talk with Johan Rockström and with time for interactive Q&As. The more we know and understand, the better the solutions will be.

28/5: Johan Rockström, 2021 and COP26.

2/6: Paula Richter

9/6: Magnuz Engardt

Maria Niemi, KI

Wednesday 28/4 at 12.00 we’re happy to welcome Maria Niemi (Karolinska Institutet) who will  let us in on her study and soon to be published article (Co written with Alasdair and Kevin) “Lockdown measures which reduced greenhouse gas emissions with little negative impact on quality of life”. ..We found that avoiding travel for work, avoiding purchasing and avoiding restaurants had the least negative effect on quality of life and at the same time the largest positive effect on CO2e emission reductions. We conclude that these are potential leverage points for stimulating behavioral change that has a positive climatic impact.

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Meeting ID: 663 985 6178