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Maria Niemi, KI

Wednesday 28/4 at 12.00 we’re happy to welcome Maria Niemi (Karolinska Institutet) who will  let us in on her study and soon to be published article (Co written with Alasdair and Kevin) ”Lockdown measures which reduced greenhouse gas emissions with little negative impact on quality of life”. ..We found that avoiding travel for work, avoiding purchasing and avoiding restaurants had the least negative effect on quality of life and at the same time the largest positive effect on CO2e emission reductions. We conclude that these are potential leverage points for stimulating behavioral change that has a positive climatic impact.

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Onsdagsluncha med Thomas Dahlgren

14/4 at 12.00Thomas Dahlgren, Marine Ecologist GU “Managing a sustainable deep-sea ‘blue economy’ requires knowledge of what actually lives there” 

I will be a talk about the deep sea, in what way it is different from other places on earth that we exploit with examples from the planned mining in the deep sea.

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Luncha med Thomas Dahlgren, GU

Nu på Onsdag 14/4 kl.12.00 välkomnar RD Thomas Dahlgren :

Managing a sustainable deepsea ”blue economy” requires knowledge of what acctually lives there.A talk about the Deep Ocean, on what lives there and what we need to know before exploiting it for example deep sea mining.Join us on Zoom for a lecture, a talk and interactive Q&As.Welcome!
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24/2-21 at 12.00

RD is very Excited to listen to our invited speaker Tina Nyfors from University of Helsinki to talk about her research in ”Ecological Sufficiency in Climate Policy”. Please, feel free to join the Wednesday Lunch Lecture – always followed by Q&As and discussions. Talks open for everyone!

”Ecological sufficiency in climate policy: what is ‘enough’?”

I will talk about ecological sufficiency (sufficiency) as an approach to address climate change. Sufficiency focuses on absolute reduction of consumption and addresses overconsumption – individual consumption must be reduced to fit within planetary boundaries. Furthermore, I will talk about how sufficiency could be implemented in climate policy (e.g. regulations, economic instruments). Reducing consumption is a rather controversial topic in rich countries like Sweden and Finland.

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